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Free online course

The free online course entitled The Landscape of Translational Medicine has been developed with experts in the field from Radboud UMC (NL), NIH/NCATS (US), University of Birmingham (UK), I3Health (BE), ECRIN (FR) and industry. The course is open to anyone interested in exploring themes within the translational medicine field (e.g. biomarker development, target validation, predictive models, regulatory environment). It requires approximately 8 hours of investment time and comprises of a wide variety of learning activities such as lectures, mindmaps, videos, Emodules and quizzes.

What our students say

All lectures and activities were a real insight into the pharma-industry and what are the actual activities happening and qualities needed if one wants to work in the industry

“The speakers were very approachable”

“The e-learning has been great: the learning units are well designed, the activities are pedagogical, the online platform works perfectly”

“I would heartily recommend this course to other PhD students!”